Hello All,

It is with great enthusiasm that we are once-again announcing the Sisters@Heart scholarship, which will be awarded during the Spring of 2023! This scholarship will be awarded to at least two individuals that have been affected by heart and stroke related illnesses. This includes individuals that have been impacted themselves or through a family member or close caregiver. The scholarship, in the amount of $1,000 each, will be given for the use of education or education-related expenses.

New this year, we are pleased to offer two additional scholarships. The first will be awarded to a graduating senior from North Attleboro High School who has participated in their middle school years in the Hoops for Heart Campaign through the American Heart Association. The second new scholarship is the “Ben Brower Memorial Scholarship” which will be awarded to someone who has suffered an illness or the death of a parent.

The mission of Sisters@Heart, Inc. is to improve the lives of those affected by heart disease and stroke through funding research projects and providing financial assistance to families in need that are battling a health issue associated with heart disease and stroke.

We realize the courage and strength involved in living with and overcoming heart and stroke related illnesses and the importance of education as a means of awareness and prevention.

This scholarship reflects our commitment to educating our greater community and we are excited to support the recipients in their quest to better themselves and their opportunity for growth through education. Past recipients include:

  • Cameron Cornetta 2019
  • Maddie London 2021
  • McKenzie Fry 2019
  • Matthew Corso 2021
  • Connor Donovan 2020
  • Connor Bearer 2022
  • Sydney Fahey 2020
  • Isabella Betz 2022
  • Julia Guthrie 2020
  • Lily Gerhard 2022
  • Addison Frye 2021
  • Abigail Graham 2022
  • Holly Grover 2021

Our ideal scholarship recipient is a student who has been directly impacted by a heart or stroke health related problem in his/her life or in the life of someone in his/her family. This individual should personify the qualities of strength, perseverance and kindness while working to improve his/her life or the lives of others. Recipients should be planning for high school or college for the upcoming academic year. Please consider those in your network, neighborhood, community, or schools that may be interested in applying for this meaningful scholarship.

Thank you,

Lisa Deck I Caitlan Kane I Jamie O’Hanlon