“Thank you so very much for making a donation to our daughter from the Sisters@Heart foundation. We are very appreciative of your support as she recovers from open-heart surgery”.

“Thank you for giving me the Sisters at Heart scholarship. It means a lot to me after what I’ve gone through. As a victim of health problems, being awarded the scholarship means so much to me. I am honored to receive the award.”

“Receiving this scholarship meant a lot to me because it meant that I could move forward in my education to becoming a doctor. It meant that I could get an education like the rest of my peers and not feel so ostracized.”

“This is such an honor. Lily and our family cannot thank you enough. We are so proud to be part of the Sisters@heart family.”

“These wonderful ladies were here for my family during my aneurysm and stroke. Their foundation directly impacts and helps families.”

“It means a great deal to me because as a disabled person, higher education is not always accessible. This scholarship is giving me opportunities to follow my dreams, further my education and open doors for my future.”

“As her parents, we are so proud and so very thankful for this generous scholarship. We know the hard work that has been done by all you ladies…and by my own young lady…to overcome obstacles and limitations. Thank you for creating a scholarship like this!”

“Thank you so much for choosing me for this scholarship! My family and I really appreciate it more than you know!!”